Introducing The 21 Day NEW YEARS Fitness Formula
Discover How To Burn Fat and Drop Inches From Your Waist In Just 21 Days...
Ok, let’s just face it: Losing weight can be hard...Especially if you try to go it alone.

But I'm here to tell you it’s not nearly as hard and dare I say easy and even fun (gasp!) when you do it with the support of a fitness family in your corner. 

Unlike other workout and diet plans, we give you ALL the tools necessary to burn fat fast and keep it off!

Our 21 Day NEW YEARS Fitness Formula Program is exactly what you need to kickstart your weight loss journey and get back into your skinny jeans and little black dress for 2019!!
Here's what you can expect from this program:
  •  Lose 5-10 pounds: Lose weight fast with our proven meal plan and fat burning workouts 
  •  Increase energy: Gain more long-lasting energy to keep up with your kids/grandkids
  •  Boost Confidence: Don't be afraid to look in the mirror and feel more comfortable with your body
  •  Step-By-Step Instructions: Easy to follow instructions that will make it easier for you to reach your goals
What you will get when you sign up:
  •  Access to Unlimited Group Fitness Classes for 21 Days
  •  Simple to Follow Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan
  •  1-on-1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation
  •  Weigh-Ins & Results Tracking
  •  Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  •  Support and Accountability
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See What Happens When You Follow Our Proven Formula...
Lost 28.1 Pounds and dropped 22.5 inches in just 6 weeks
Effie, Woodstock, ON
Dropped 21 inches and lost over 50 pounds
Will, Ingersoll, ON
Dropped 17.75 inches and lost 27.5 pounds
Mariette, Woodstock, ON
Dropped 12.75 inches and lost 7 pounds
Brittany, Woodstock, ON
Lost 23.3 pounds and dropped 25.25 inches
Jessica, Ingersoll, ON
Lost 34.3 pounds and dropped 42.5 inches
Jen, Woodstock, ON
Still not convinced? Well, let me back up a minute...
Ok, I know by now you have at least shown interest in your health and wellness!

And now I’m going to show you how together we can take your fitness and weight loss results to the next level.

Because sure, you can follow your own guide and program and make some progress, but research has shown when you are part of a community (what we call our “fitness family”) your results are actually increased by 76%.

(do I have your attention?)

Ok, this might sound too good to be true, right?

Wrong… let us tell you why.

Smart Training:

My staff and I are all certified fitness and fat loss experts with lots of experience helping people like you create the bodies and lives of their dreams. We know exactly how to tailor our workouts to YOUR level - so you are always in that perfect fat burning zone.

We know how to scale and modify workouts to accommodate physical limitations to make sure your training is not only effective (at burning fat) but also as safe as possible. 

We have worked with dozens and even hundreds of people with injuries so you can trust you are in good (and qualified) hands here at Natural Motion Health.

We pride ourselves on giving you the workout that is best FOR YOU, to help you get leaner, tighter and more toned with every single workout. No matter your level, we’ve got you covered.

Smart Nutrition:

Ok, let me tell you something you already know: You can’t out train a bad diet. That’s because what we eat determines if our body is in fat STORAGE or FAT BURNING mode.

So what we eat sets the metabolic stage and determines if our bodies are burning fat for energy or not. So we need to be 100% sure what we eat supports our goals right?

And here is something else you already know - guessing what to eat (or “winging it”) just doesn’t work.

You’ve got to have a plan. A nutrition plan that includes some key ingredients:
  •  Never Leaves You Hungry
  •  Supports Fat Loss 24/7
  •  Allows for “Cheat Days”
  •  Custom Recipe Book
  •  Professional Accountability and Support
  •  Food choices that taste AMAZING (and your family will love)
And here is something you probably DID NOT know…

When you eat right for fat loss your workouts are actually EXPONENTIALLY more effective. Yup, when you follow our super easy-to-follow program you will burn EVEN MORE fat at every training session than ever before.

Crazy right? It get’s even better because the entire program is priced for anybody to afford.

With all of the bonuses we could have easily priced this program at $300 but because we want you to have absolutely no reason not to do this, we decided to price the entire program at just $87

In case you missed it, here's what you get with this program:

- Unlimited Sessions for 21 Days ($110)
- Fit Formula Meal Plan ($50 Value)
- Nutrition Consultation ($100 Value)
- Accountability Coaching ($50 Value)
- Results Tracking and Progress Reports ($10 Value)
- Private Facebook Group ($10 Value)

Total value = $330.00
Total cost of the 21 day program = $330.00  $87 

That means you save $243 dollars!!

We decided to price it this low because we want to be able to help more people reach their goals without having to spend thousands of dollars on personal training.

Now Here's The Catch...

We only have a small studio so we only have room for 18 - 20 people in this program AND since it's the New Year and everyone wants to lose weight it will fill up fast!!

Now with all of the bonuses above we are actually losing money with each person that joins but we want to keep it affordable for everyone. Our hope is that you'll like being part of our fitness family so much that you decide to stick around after your 21 days is over.

PLUS... We actually guarantee that you will get results!! 

Yes, if for whatever reason you are unhappy with the results you achieved we will give you a full refund. 

So there really is no reason not to do this...

So what are you waiting for...

Grab Your SPOT Now!
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NOW It’s Time To Get Motivated!!

Right now I know you’re motivated. You want to lose that weight, you want to change your life, you want to completely rock that new dress or pair of jeans with confidence

But together we can do better. You see motivation is like a fire, and it is something you have to have on the inside. I can’t give it to you - you have to have it already. At least a spark - something.

And here is where my coaching team and I come in...

Once you have that spark (and you know you do) we can help you turn it into a RAGING INFERNO!

Your motivation will skyrocket. Your drive to create the life you deserve will go through the roof and my team and I will be with you every step of the way…

So that…

- If you ever hit a stumbling block
- If you ever think you can’t do it
- If you ever believe you are not worth it
- If you ever hit a hurdle
- If you ever start to doubt yourself…

We will be there at your side every step of the way reminding you THAT YOU ARE AWESOME - and that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

And that is why we want to offer you a spot in our 21 Day New Years Fitness Formula...

We want you to be our next success story, and that is why we have made the entire program affordable for everybody.

So don't put it off any longer, get off the couch and join our fitness family today!
  The Best Way To Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey
 Detailed and Easy-to-follow Instructions
  Proven Results From Many Different Clients
Gary & Alyssa Hazeleger
P.S. This program is only for people who are serious about improving their health, we give you the all of the tools you need to be successful but at the end of the day it is up to you to take action and work towards your goals, not against them. Take action TODAY! 

P.P.S. 21 Days from now you could be 10 - 20 pounds lighter and full of energy OR you could still be struggling along on your own trying to get results.
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